Below are the eight common traits all class leading Lenders and Finance companies have in common. See how finPOWER Connect can assist you in adopting these simple factors that can improve your bottom line.

1. Lending money is easy. Ensuring you make the right lending decisions is essential to recovering the loans. Be clear in your lending policies and make sure your decision support systems are clear for all lenders, support your business model and are easy to update as the market conditions change.

finPower Using the finPOWER Connect Workflow Engine, a consistent application of lending rules and decision making processes can be applied to each and every Application regardless of who processes it.

2. Make it easy for your clients to pay. Get a Direct Debit facility from your Bank or work through a Direct Debit provider. Initiate the payment for your client – do not wait for them to pay you.

finPowerThe finPOWER Connect Advanced Banking Add-On allows you to schedule your Direct Debit Payments then export them to your Bank or DDR Provider when due. Direct Debit schedules can be fully managed to easily meet your clients’ requests to change a due date, hold DDRs or change bank accounts. Multiple Bank Accounts can also be debited for the same loan repayment allowing multiple parties to repay a single loan.

3. Send out a payment reminder before payments are due. Reminding your client a payment is due before it is actually due is all that is needed to improve your payment rate and cashflow.

finPowerfinPOWER Connect can be configured to automatically send an e-mail or txt to your clients, reminding them of their upcoming payment. A simple, no fuss and “no-work” tool to improve the performance of your ledger.

4. Monitor and Action your overdues. Your LMS (Loan Management System) should tell you as soon as a payment is missed. Make sure you have credit control procedures that are timely and effective and are initiated as soon as a payment is missed. Do not wait 3 days for a letter to be delivered. Send a txt or email and chase that missed payment with a personal contact if possible.

finPowerfinPOWER Connect monitors your missed payments on a daily basis and can respond automatically to overdue accounts according to your Credit Control procedures. An escalating series of txt messages, e-mails and letters can be automatically generated and a Workflow can be triggered to notify your Collection Team.

5. Reschedule missed payments immediately. Know when a payment is due and be alerted to late payments, initiate payment rescheduling as soon as payments are missed.

finPowerBeing able to work with your client to allow them catch up on arrears breeds better relationships and improved cash flow. finPOWER Connect has the ability to easily reschedule missed payments, make payment arrangements and even record Promise To Pay schedules. And it reminds you when these arrangements are not met.

6. Maximise fee revenue. Disclose when and where fees can be charged and make sure they are charged by having them automatically applied to accounts.

finPowerfinPOWER Connect can automatically charge a wide range of fees and interest. Whether it is a fee to recover the costs of a TXT message or letter, or default fees and interest on overdue accounts, revenue can be generated automatically or initiated by the User.

7. Keep in close contact with your best clients. Identify your best preforming clients and make sure they are acknowledged and made to feel special. Whether it be special offers on their birthdays, acknowledgement of hobbies and interests or just to say thanks for being a great customer.

finPowerfinPOWER Connect offers a comprehensive client file that incorporates CRM type functionality. Files notes and action dates remind you of important events, outside interests can be recorded as well as easy access to loan performance information. Thank You letters at the end of a loan can be automatically generated. finPOWER Connect can assist you to up-sell and cross-sell different promotions to ensure repeat business and your best performing clients stay that way.

8. Know where you are at. Have all the data you need to manage your business at your fingertips. Do not wait until the end of the month to check your KPIs.

finPowerHaving a client base of over 400 installed sites throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands means the demand for fingertip information is high. finPOWER Connect has a huge range of reports, each with their own options and parameters, that deliver the information you need to know. The reports are largely date sensitive and do not rely on a month end process to deliver timely and accurate information to you.